Project Challenge: Visualizing an Idea

I enjoy designing for fun outside of work as a creative outlet and an opportunity to explore design ideas I have in mind. One day during the summer, a friend approached me with a business idea: a service that could connect promising young filmmakers with consumer brands, providing the filmmakers with a potential source of funding through product placements. We named the service "BrandFunding," and later that night, I decided to experiment with a potential website design. It took several hours to sketch and piece together a structure for the homepage, and by morning, I turned those outlines into a mockup design in Photoshop.

Though the business idea did not end up becoming a reality, it was still fun to exercise my ideas, sketch out wireframes, and play in Photoshop. I'm hoping to have more of these "mockup marathons" over the year. With every design experiment, I've learned new UI patterns and thought more deeply about how a user's experience can be better improved. These marathons are important in helping me apply the new techniques I've picked up and identify areas of improvement for next time.

"Accessible Routes" Map by UC Berkeley