LocalLocal Deals – Mobile & Web App

Project Challenge

We created LocalLocal for the 2014 Play Hackathon produced by the Haas Business School at UC Berkeley. This year's prompt for the hackathon was to develop new strategies to help small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners reach new customers and build buzz, loyalty, and goodwill within the community.

I worked alongisde four fellow School of Information classmates – Brian Carlo, Pi-Tan Hu, Carlos Miguel Lasa, and Aditya Mishra.


LocalLocal is a mobile and web app that combines marketing & advertising through daily deals with charitable giving. Current platforms that rely on the daily deals model, such as Groupon and LivingSocial, are losing steam because the model is expensive, draws poor-quality customers, and tends to devalue a business' product. By incorporating the concept of charitable giving, LocalLocal aims to build buzz, loyalty, and goodwill and attract young, educated, and affluent customers who are engaged in their communities.


LocalLocal is a two-part project comprised of a customer-facing mobile app with push notification and QR validation abilities, and a web-based application for SMB owners and charitable organizations. We decided to focus on a mobile app for customers because we wanted to encourage spontaneous, on-the-go purchasing that would encourage customers to explore more of the community around them.

We developed working high-fidelity prototypes for both the mobile and web apps within approximately twelve hours. Our work also included preparing a pitch presentation for the judging round at the end of the day.

I worked on the user interface for the web app, including graphics and front-end development. I partnered closely with Aditya, who worked extensively on the Python Flask-powered back-end of the app, and Carlos, who also worked on the graphics and front-end.

Next Steps

Though we did not win in the hackathon, we remain passionate about the LocalLocal concept and hope to pursue developing it further in the future. We support the idea of "keeping the money" in the community, fostering greater bonds between local citizens, supporting local charities and causes, and helping SMBs flourish.

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