Methods Mobile App: Sous Vide Cooking Companion


Methods App is a cooking companion mobile app for adventures with sous-vide.

Methods can be used through a choice of two entry points: #1) setting a custom temperature or #2) utilizing a library of fellow chefs' recipes or previously cooked recipes to quick-set parameters.


The app optimizes the data that it collects in the following ways:

  • Smart Detect Alert: By using community recipe data, Methods can warn you if the parameters you've entered are on the higher side for most dishes.
  • Side Dish Piggybacking: It's important to think green and continue to explore ways to optimize the energy we use in our homes. Sous-vide cooking can often take a long time, so we wanted to think of a way to ensure we are making the most of the energy being used. With our Side Dish feature, users can make an accompanying dish to their main entree by using the same energy. Why waste energy pre-heating the machine a second time? Let's think creatively!
  • Power Drop Alert: You may be cooking a delicious dish of ribs for 56 hours to achieve that perfect tenderness. In that time span, it's possible that the power could go out, or the machine may lose power. Rather than find out many hours later when you get home to your machine, you can be alerted of the power status and what's happening. Once the power comes back normally, you can easily - and quickly - restart your cooking session.
  • Analyze Your Data: We think data analysis is a huge asset to precision cooking. The smallest change in temperature can affect the consistency of your ingredient, so it's important to know exactly what has worked for you in the past, and what has not fared so well. By being able to export and analyze previous meal data, you can achieve a greater degree of precision with your future sous-vide adventures.

Award & Next Steps

Methods was awarded Second Place in the User Interface Challenge and parts of it will be implemented in a final product produced by the FirstBuild community.

Initial Sketches

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