UCLA MyConcierge

Project Challenge: Local Recommendations Online

UCLA has a Guest House centrally located on campus. The Guest House receives many types of visitors, such as visiting professors or lecturers, parents of UCLA students, prospective students, patients, and more. Guests often asked the front desk for recommendations on the best local places to eat at, nearby museums, and so on. The front desk was not equipped with a dedicated concierge who could organize and handle these requests, so I thought that it would be useful to create an online resource.


I envisioned MyConcierge to be an online concierge system that would be easily accessible for guests on their laptops and phones. It would also be available by default in the Business Center.

MyConcierge would hook into APIs by Yelp (for ratings and photos), OpenTable (for reservations), and Google Maps (for directions). It would also feature custom content, such as transportation tips.

Currently, MyConcierge is on hold and is still in the mockup stage, but I hope to be able to work on it soon.

Home Screen of MyConcierge

Search Screen