Seedling for Wells Fargo

Project Challenge

The prompt for the 2014 Wells Fargo Protothon was to "devise ways that technology can enable millennials to improve their financial health, and come up with ideas to combat the generation’s anxiety about their finances."

I submitted an individual entry to be selected to compete in the protothon, and on the day of the event, I worked with three School of Information classmates, Brian Carlo, Andrew Huang, Pratibha Rathore, and Vijay Velagapudi, to create Seedling.


Seedling is a personal finance platform that aims to help millenials connect with one another and Wells Fargo professionals in order to learn how to improve their financial health. We modeled our idea after question-answer platforms that are currently popular with the millenial generation, including Reddit, StackOverflow, and Quora.

Through user input and location data, Seedling would be able to further refine its information through user personalization and trending topics. We also brainstormed additional features, such as celebrity Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) events and support for video chats or Google Hangouts with Wells Fargo advisors.

Overall, the event was an amazing learning experience in terms of coming up with a viable idea, interface prototype, and pitch presentation in approximately six hours. My team and I explored several ideas for the protothon, and the event was a good exercise in effective teamwork and collaboration.

Award & Next Steps

Seedling was awarded first place and a prize of $10,000. The concepts we created during the protothon will be reviewed by Wells Fargo's internal teams and potentially implemented in future products. The runner-up prize, second place, was awarded to our fellow classmates in another team, and we were ecstatic to sweep the competition!

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