TravelBites: Explore the World Through Food


Through contextual interviews with potential users, my group and I set out to create a tool that would help travelers plan their trips more easily, and save and share their memories with their friends and the community. We initially began as "Travelogue," which would revolve around our users' travel stories for all kinds of topics. However, as we continued to iterate the idea and conduct more interviews, we found that narrowing the scope to a more specific topic was ideal.

Travelogue therefore evolved into TravelBites, a trip planning itinerary focused on creating food adventures for travelers. Through our User Experience Design & Development class (INFO 213), we learned how to conduct user observations, design testing experiments, and prototype.


My group made low-fidelity paper prototypes to simulate the idea concept and our ideas for features with users. Once we received feedback, we iterated the design and started on creating high-fidelity prototypes for our final project. I developed the high-fidelity prototypes in Adobe Photoshop and stitched together a user experience using the prototyping tool, InvisionApp. Our prototype can be accessed at the link to the right.


Several group members and I plan to create a special course next semester to work on the live development of TravelBites. We hope to ship our final product by the end of the semester in May 2015.

Visit Prototype

One of Many User Flow Sketches

Affinity Diagramming